Press Release – Audio Excellence, Sept 2007

New Product Press Release

September 12, 2007
For immediate release,
GTL Sound Labs, (704) 596-9823
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New patented speaker technology brings true audiophile quality sound to in-wall home installations.

Charlotte, NC – Gary Little, founder of GTL Sound Labs, announced today the availability of his AE 963 line of high-end units through building contractors of new and existing homes.

“Speaking in superlatives is the only way to describe these, the sound is lifelike, you simply have to hear them to believe it”, quoted Little. The AE 963 boasts newly patented resounding chamber speaker technology along with uncompromising design and innovation.

In independent blind testing, when 400 people compared different types of music and videos against three of the best known brands, two-thirds picked GTL Sound Labs as overall best¹.

The 9” woven carbon fiber woofer with 2” voice coil and 40 oz. vented magnet produces twice the acoustical performance of Kevlar. Woven carbon allows the woofer to self vent resulting in dynamic bass response, superb midrange, excellent thermal boundaries and extremely natural top and roll off.

A 3” titanium silk dome tweeter with 1” voice coil and 12.7 oz magnet is designed with a special lens assembly providing excellent dispersion characteristics and unmatched high frequency clarity².

  1. Complete certified test results available.
  2. Complete specifications available