Unsurpassed Home Theater and Two-Channel Listening Speakers

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Finest-Quality Speakers for Our Home Theater or Listening Room

Pre-Engineered or Custom for Your Room

For the last 45 years, GTL Sound Labs in Charlotte, NC has been offering the finest custom-built speakers. In 1999, we also started to design/provide pre-engineered multi-award-winning, architectural reference in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. With our many years of speaker components’ design and speaker sound engineering, our speakers will bring your home entertainment experience to the highest level.


Commitment to Quality

Driven by our passion for pure, clean, and superior sound, and our unwavering promise to design and supply only the finest speakers has never changed. Our speakers are of our own design using our proprietary components and the finest crossovers. Ninety percent of our speakers are still in use! That’s why you hardly never see any used GTL Sound Labs speakers for sale. When you get the best, you have no reason to replace or upgrade.


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