6 1/2" Dobly Atmos HT Ceiling Speakers & Whole House

The AE 653C in ceiling were designed to be a perfect match with the AE 653 in-walls with exact timber. This is very important when using these as Dolby ATMOS in a theater with the AE 653 In-walls, as you will have flawless transparency throughout the theater. Our proprietor driver delivers a high-quality sound and are easy to install with 8 magnet raddle-proof bezel less grill.

The AE 653C is also a true audiophile two-way speaker for whole house audio. Most in-ceiling speakers are for background sound, but these are for true listening enjoyment at any level, with pure actuate reproduction.

The GTL AE 653C integrate well in new and existing construction with excellent aesthetic results. Available in both black and white color. Hearing these outstanding speakers will make you a true believer.


4 pairs installed in Solarium


Recommended Power: 20 to 125 watts
Normal Impedance: 8 Ohms, Sensitivity: 89dB (2.83V at 1 meter),
Frequency Response: 44Hz – 20kHz (+/- 3dB), Crossover: 3.5kHz; 12 dB/Octave
Low Frequency Transducer: 6 1/2" Woven Carbon Fiber Butyl with rubber surrounds 1" VC and 28.5oz vented magnet
High Frequency Transducer: 2" Pure Titanium Silk Dome Tweeter with 1" Voice Coil and 3.7oz magnet
Construction: ABS Injected Plastic with White Bevel-less  Mesh Grill.
Overall Dimensions: 9 7/8" Round
Cutout Dimensions: 8 1/4" Round
Weight: 4 lbs each, 8 lbs pair, 13 lbs SW 2.3 kg each, 4.6 kg pair, 5.9 kg SW
Warranty: 3 Years

MSRP: $600 USD Each

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