Audiophile In-Wall Speaker is Built Robustly

GTL Sound Labs' AE 963 in-wall loud-speaker is a three way product that employs a robust design approach. The 963 handles bass with a 9-inch woven carbon fiber woofer that supported by a 2-inch voice coil, a 40oz vented magnet and a butyl rubber surround.

The midrange is handled by a 5.25-inch poly-paper driver that's mated to a 1.5-inch voice, along with a 25oz vented magnet and rubber surround. GTL utilizes a 3-inch titanium silk dome tweeter that's connected to a 1-inch coil and 12.7oz magnet to reproduce high frequencies. The midrange drive section also utilizes the company's resounding chamber technology design to clearly reproduce midrange content and a special lens system to focus top-end content. www.gtlsoundlabs.com

GTL Sound Labs, Nov 2010 by Robert Archer, CEPro