GTL Sound Labs AE 963 in-wall loudspeaker

The AE 963 in-wall loudspeaker from GTL Sound Labs can be mounted horizontally or vertically and the company offers the speaker in a choice of black or white.

By Robert Archer, December 09, 2011

Within the world of specialty electronics a good case could be made for the loudspeaker category being the biggest in the entire market. A good example of just how big the category is can be found when looking at the 30-plus year old manufacturer GTL Sound Labs. The U.S.-based company has quietly been in business since 1976 and it offers a complete line of products, which ranges from one-off custom products, to production products like the AE 963 in-wall loudspeaker. The company says the AE 963 has been engineered to provide the highest levels of performance and the product is designed for either vertical or horizontal mounting to allow it to be used in a whole-house audio system or home theater system. GTL says the speaker employs a sealed enclosure that minimizes sound leakage into adjacent rooms, and internally the speaker houses a three-way design that includes a 9-inch carbon fiber woofer, a 5.25-inch poly paper midrange driver and a 3-inch silk-dome tweeter. GTL adds the speaker fits into a standard stud bay and the speaker offers a frequency response of 26Hz to 20kHz.

GTL Sound Labs says it has designed the AE 963 to fit in a standard stud bay and it used in home theaters and traditional audio systems.