Message from the President

gary head




Hello and thank you for your interest. I am Gary T Little, president and founder of GTL Sound Labs. We have always strived to sell only the best while keeping our pricing fair and reasonable. Because of my pledge to build and sell only the finest speaker we have never had a returned speaker for sound quality. Over the past few years all of the other high end manufactures have reduced quality or created cheaper lines with sub standard component and sound quality. Here at GTL Sound Labs we have decided to continue to adhere to my original pledge to only build the finest sounding speakers at very reasonable prices. For this reason 92% of our speaker are still in use!  This is why you don't see used speakers from GTL for sell.

We have been designing and building from the component level up for forty years and were doing desceet placement speakers before just about anyone else. Today there are lot of talk about this type of speaker placement, but we have the years of true expenence to do this right.  When looking for this you should first look to the sound quality and not the look of the product.  This way you get the best sound and since it's not seen, this is what matters. But we will be glad to quote any special finish or style speaker for display placement.

If you have any questions feel free to email us.