Custom Built Speakers

Custom built speakers are what we built our reputation on and we built the finest available. This process is a partnership between you the customer and GTL Sound Labs.  The more information you can give us the better we can do on building your perfect speakers and making you 100% happy.  Design work and construction take time; so the earlier you get us involved the better things work out.  Custom speakers are for people who can afford them and we ask that if you are not really in the market please do not request a quote.

A true home theater deserves true custom speakers and in many cases we can build them and save you money over pre-built because they are built to the room and thus not needing near the sound damping and give you far better sound. 


What we will need to know from you: 

  1. If working with an architect, their name and number.
  2. A copy of your house plans for whole house or home theater room. If plans are not available you mustsupply room sizes, number of windows with size, number of doors, ceiling height, flooring type, and all other info you can give us.
  3. What kind of stereo system?
  4. What type of speaker systems desired? (whole house, home theater, listening room, ballroom system, indoor pool room system or outdoor patio system)
  5. What types of music do you mainly like?
  6. Do you listen to your music soft, medium, loud or very loud?
  7. Is there a room where the speakers will mainly be used only when there are a large number of people? If so, which room?
  8. Flooring type for each room you wish to have speakers in.
  9. Anything you feel we should know that would help us to ensure that we will be able to make you another 100% satisfied customer.
  10. Email address and home phone number.

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