Warranty Information


Though defects or failures are very, very rare we at GTL Sound Labs wish to make all of our customers 100% happy and to take care of any  and  all  manufactures defects or failures with your speakers. Our warranty is 3 years full coverage on all manufactures defects or failures with no cost to the registered original purchaser and is not transferable. Warranty covers only products sold in the United States. This warranty period begins on the date of purchase.

We also extend a limited lifetime coverage period to the original registered purchaser where if you have any problems with your speaker components GTL Sound Labs will sell you replacement parts at manufactures cost. (i.e. Profit free) Should any defect in materials or failures occur within the three (3) year limited warranty period, please contact us with your name, address, and phone number to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. Once we establish your claim you will be emailed a (RA) number with shipping address and further instructions.  Transit damage is not covered by this warranty; therefore always insure your shipment. 

Should you have any problems after the first three (3) years, please contact us and explain the problem and we will get you back up and working. We always look forward to serving your needs.

What is not covered:

Blown speaker due to high wattage, improper wiring, amp shorts and / or any non-manufacture problem. Any labor to remove or reinstall speakers. Damage caused by flood, storms, water backup and / or anything not relating to manufactures defects.

Any item returned under warranty that is deemed not a covered item will fall under our lifetime coverage agreement.