About GTL Sound Labs

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GTL Sound Labs was established in 1976, by Gary T Little, offering the very finest custom built speakers. Driven by our passion for pure, clean, superior sound, we have designed and delivered the very best to our customers, thus enriching their lives. Our unwavering promise to sell only the finest has never changed. 

In 2005, GTL Sound Labs founder, Gary T. Little, patented the resounding chamber technology used in it’s new Audio Excellence AE 963 in-wall speaker. This technology coupled with our history of 30 plus years of building the finest speakers, lead us to create our new line of audiophile architectural ABS speakers. The resulting AE 963 in wall is truly the finest ABS available. We are very proud to be able to offer the Audio Excellence Series at obtainable prices with sound quality which was previously available only to the select few.

In 2010, we launched our complete line of pre-engineered home theater speakers for easier integration for our dealers and quicker service for their customers. We are here to truly please.